Sunday, May 6, 2007

Arranging the dishes

I think I loaded it correctly

There are a few tasks that we share. One of them is loading the dishwasher. The usual scenario is I rinse off the dishes and then load them into the machine. I arrange the dishes to maximize the washing capabilities of the machine. However, when I have them arranged, MsUrbanLotus takes a look and then promptly rearranges them, complaining that I have no spatial sense. To me they look fine. The dishes are facing the spout that the water shoots from. But MsUL moves a cup or dish so that it gets the full blast of the water. For me this has become an IQ test. I have ‘X’ amount of dishes that need to be washed, but only ‘Y’ amount of space. How do you load all the dishes so that they are all cleaned? Each try I get closer to a perfect score and she has to reposition fewer plates or cups. One day I know I’ll get it 100%. Until then I’ll keep trying and then move on to separating colors that go into the laundry machine. Who knew that there are so many different shades of green?


MsUrbanLotus said...

Actually, I put most of those dishes in the dish washer. We'll have to take a true picture of your handiwork. But anyway, I thought the dishwasher was my responsibility. Division of labor: You do the handwashing, I run the dishwasher. You try not to break stuff, I use my mystical powers of arrangement.

MrCyclingLife said...

I beg to differ!!